Jim Bryson to Run For Governor

In 2006 Jim Bryson decoded to run for governor. This was his campaign's website. The content below is from the site's 2006 archived pages.


April 4, 2006
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Jim Bryson to Run For Governor 
"The people of Tennessee know we can and we must do better"

(Nashville) -- State Senator Jim Bryson (R-Franklin) today announced his plans to run for Governor of Tennessee. 

Speaking at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Bryson declared, "I’m State Senator Jim Bryson and I’m running for Governor of the great state of Tennessee." 

Bryson continued, "The people of Tennessee deserve a clear choice for Governor. I will be a Governor who is ready to fight for Tennessee values. I will be a Governor who will focus on improving education and creating jobs for hard working Tennesseans. I will be a Governor who will enforce the constitutional cap on state spending." 

"And make no mistake about it," said Bryson, "There will be no state income tax in my Administration." 

"The people of Tennessee know we can, and we must, do better," Bryson declared. 

Joining Bryson at the announcement was his wife Carol and their four children, Maria, Nadia, Nick and Alex. A small businessman, Bryson is the founder of 20/20 Research, a marketing research firm in Nashville that today employs 50 people. 

Bryson, 44, was elected to the State Senate in 2002. He is a graduate of Baylor University and holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University. The Brysons live in Franklin, Williamson County. 

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Dear Friends, 

   I'm State Senator Jim Bryson and I'm running for Governor of the great state of Tennessee. 

   In the coming months, this website will serve as a virtual campaign headquarters. Come here for the latest news, photos, videos, press releases, and other campaign materials. 

   I hope you'll come back often, and that you'll tell your friends about our campaign. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. 

   Thank you for your support. 




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Jim Bryson was elected in 2002 to represent the 23rd Senatorial District that includes Williamson and Davidson Counties. During his first two years, he was named Republican Freshman of the Year by the Tennessee Journal, Legislator of the Year by the ARC of Tennessee and a "Top Five" Legislator by Business Tennessee Magazine.

During his first term, Jim was elected by his Senate colleagues to the position of Senate Majority Whip. In addition, serves on Commerce, Labor and Agriculture, Fiscal Review and Government Operations committees. In 2004 Senator Bryson was also named to the Education and TennCare Oversight committees.

Senator Bryson is married to Carol Ratcliff of Greeneville, Tennessee. They have four children, Maria, Nadia, Nick and Alex. The Bryson’s reside in Franklin.

Jim grew up in Russellville, Arkansas, the son of an Army officer and a public school teacher. He has a sister, Leslie Wheeler, living in Franklin and teaching third grade at Grassland Elementary. He also has a brother, John, a restaurant manager in Seattle. Jim's mother, Mary Lou Bryson, is a retired school teacher living in Franklin. His father, Ed Bryson, lives on the family farm in Prescott, Arkansas.

After graduating with academic honors and athletic letters in track and football from Russellville High School, Jim entered Baylor University. Jim graduated from Baylor University in 1983 and moved to Nashville where he graduated from the Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management in 1985 with a Masters in Business Administration. Jim paid much of his college education with various work-study programs and worked throughout graduate school as Assistant Director of the Baptist Student Union.

In 1991, Jim married Carol Ratcliff of Greeneville, Tennessee. Jim and Carol soon discovered that they could not have children. Therefore, in 1994, they adopted Maria (7), Nadia (3) and Nicholas (2) from Pechora, Russia. Two and a half years later, the family was blessed by the birth of Alex to make the family complete. The Brysons also consider their dog April and their cat Spunky to be dearly loved members of the family. The Bryson family resides in the Cottonwood subdivision in Franklin.

In 1986, Jim founded 20/20 Research, Inc. a market research firm based in Nashville. 20/20 Research serves clients throughout the United States. In 1999, the company opened an office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Soon thereafter, the company was one of the first in the industry to develop online qualitative research software and services. The company has recently expanded with a new office located in Miami, Florida. More recently, Jim helped a friend start a hugely successful service in the Big Apple that won a consumer service award - affordable carpet cleaning NYC from carpetcleaningnyc.com. The award acknowledges businesses that regularly receive high recommendations and positive reviews from its customers, compared to their competitors.

Jim has been very active in the business community for many years. He is a member of several Chambers of Commerce and has been active in the Nashville Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Jim has chaired several committees for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jim has long been considered a leader in the national research industry. In addition to chairing committees and serving on the Board of the Qualitative Research Consultant’s Association (QRCA), Jim was elected to three consecutive terms as President. Among many other initiatives, as President, he implemented a new branding campaign, extended the association newsletter to a full-color magazine and instituted a world-wide research conference in Paris.

The Bryson’s attend First Baptist Church in Nashville. Jim currently serves on the church’s Strategic Planning Council and serves as co-director of his Sunday School Department with his wife Carol.

Jim has been an active member of the Republican Party for several years. Prior to his election, he served as Chair of the Public Policy Committee of the Williamson County Republican Party. The Committee regularly published articles in the Review Appeal stating Republican positions. In 1999, as Committee Chair, Jim co-authored the first County Resolution against a state income tax. That resolution was passed by the County Executive Committee and sent directly to the Governor. The Resolution was also used as a model for resolutions from other Tennessee counties.

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Ending Tennessee’s status as a magnet for illegal immigration

Tennessee has become a magnet for illegal immigration. One of Jim Bryson’s top priorities as our governor will be to stop illegal immigration in Tennessee. He will work to require proof of citizenship before an individual can receive public benefits. He will support English only driver’s license testing and permanently abolish the Driver’s Certificate program. He will require law enforcement to work with the federal government to deport illegal aliens.

Making our schools the best

Jim Bryson is a father of four who believes a good education is the key to our children’s success. As governor, Jim Bryson will focus on raising graduation rates statewide. And he’ll work to give parents a choice in where their child is educated, as well as a greater say in school decisions.

Dedicated to low taxes and less spending

Jim Bryson is a fiscal conservative who believes the best way to ensure Tennessee’s long term prosperity is to keep taxes low. As governor, he will give back to families by reducing the tax on food, and he will strongly oppose any attempt to impose a state income tax. Jim Bryson will tighten the state government’s belt, and ensure tax dollars are spent efficiently and effectively.

Demanding ethical leadership

As a state senator, Jim Bryson has led ethically and honestly. As our governor, he will carry a big stick to clean up corruption in the governor’s office, and will hire based on experience and ability, not politics and campaign contributions. Every department will be lead by a commissioner who has not used public office for personal gain. No one will even be considered who has used a previous office for personal gain.

Supporting a culture of life

As the father of three adopted children, Jim knows that every child is precious. Tennessee has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the nation and that must change.

By sponsoring and passing legislation authorizing the Choose Life license plate, Jim Bryson created a dedicated, voluntary fund for women facing an unexpected pregnancy. That is the type of free market, pro-life solution Jim will bring to the Governor's office.